Ishq Subhan Allah’s Adnan Khan says he is going to miss Eisha Singh

Adnan Khan, who is currently playing the lead role in Ishq Subhan Allah, has clarified that he is not quitting the show.

Recently, there were reports that he and Eisha Singh were planning to quit the show, but according to the latest reports, Eisha is quitting, Adnan is not.

Adnan said, “I am not quitting the show now. I will very much be a part of it. There were some issues which were happening and I wanted the production house to resolve them. I had told them that if you can’t get things sorted, then along with Eisha, I will also quit the show. I was not threatening them, but I did keep my point in front of the makers and they were nice enough to understand and fix everything.”

Adnan added, “But Eisha has surely quit the show and we shot our last day together yesterday. Now I hear they are planning to replace her character but I don’t know who is coming on board.”

The actor also said that he is going to miss Eisha. “I’m going to miss her terribly. I was already getting emotional last night while shooting for our last scene together. I was also getting very weird feelings. Not just a co-star, Eisha has been a teacher and friend too. She has done so many things for me. We together got the show to this level. The time that I have spent with her, will always be memorable,” he said.

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