Bigg Boss 13: The house is in a mess due to the captain’s absence, meanwhile contestants dance to the tunes of Shehnaaz Gill

Bigg Boss 13 is getting interesting with every passing day. The show witnesses a lot of new dramas every day and we get to see new avatars of the inmates.

In the upcoming episodes, the contestants indulge into a heated argument over the kitchen work as no one is ready to compromise. The house is in a total mess due to the captain’s absence. A lot of blame-games are happening and we can see the inmates yelling and fighting with each other.

Meanwhile, in a special task assigned by Bigg Boss, where Hindustani Bhau is the king while Shehnaaz Gill is the princess, everyone has to obey her orders.

Shehnaaz seems to love making the contestants dance to her tunes and gives them orders to do different things.

While everyone is obeying her and enjoying the task, Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz indulge into a fight where the duo are seen shouting at each other. The two handsome boys of BB13 get physical by pushing each other. The matter gets so worst that the housemates intervene and take them away from each other.

A lot of dhamaka will be witnessed in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned.

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